Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Body Shop Haul

Well, girls just dont need any reason for shopping. We do when we feel like it!! Aha, and today it's my time!! 

My skin had been sooooo dry lately so I was planning to just buy a body butter. JUST ONE! but end up I come up with a bag of bodyshop items. LOL 

It's a snap-and-go kind of shopping so I didnt really spend a lot of time looking into all of their products. FYI this is the first time I ever been to The Body Shop. 

I choose the blueberry flavoured body butter for my extremly dry skin. Among all of the flavours (for example choc, orange, lemon etc) I like this the best. 
The butter is so thick that I can assure you the moist is definitely going into my skin especially my toes. My toes had been really ugly lately. The skin keep dry off and sometimes I could even peel it off bare-handed!! WTF what happened to me? But it's that Im using this, my skin could go back to the softness it used to be in a short time. 

Next, these are impulsive buys. LOL I was looking at the Vitamin E range and I found this Moisture Cream. 
I guess it is a moisturizer for face?Anyway, I liked the texture of it. It is so light-weight and it smells good!! xD
Plus, I enjoy the cool feeling when I apply this on my skin. 

The last thing is the one I need the less. LOL I simply wanna try it out. The Vitamin E COOL BB CREAM. 
From what you see above, the BB cream might look darker than my skin tone but when I apply it even on my hand, the cream turn and matched my skin tone!! 

Not only that it smells good too, it is also really light-weighted and moistured! I can barely see the wrinkles on my knuckle after applying. I guess it worked for me? LOL

That's all for today. Anyone used the above products before? Any comments? 

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