Saturday, 13 July 2013

Cream cream creamssss

I'm those kind of people who are really picky about the hand creams and body creams I use. So far I had only found one but it is damn hard to find in those beauty store. /__\ 

Yeah, and recently I dont know what happened to me. My skin (especially palms and feet) had become extremely dry that I can peel off those dried dead-skin bare handed. LOL (I think I mentioned that in the previous post. Am I right?) 

So one day when I was passing by Etude House, I was 'caught' by te sales person there. I never bought anything from Etude House before, so I thought 'why not give it a try?' since Im kinda sick with the over-sweet scent and the sticky-leftover of the Body Shop body butter. 

This is the two creams I bought. I also bought a pair of foot mask but I used that up so no photo =p

The pink one is a hand cream (duh?) which have extra shed butter and a powdery scent. This is one of the product from Hand Bouquet line. There are two more product- Collegen hand cream and Multi-vitamins hand cream. 

Considering the one that I need the most is the extra moisturing function of the shed butter, I bought the pink one instead of the others. I really liked the scent!! LOL so much lighter compare to the Body Shop body butter (Im sorry The Body Shop =p) and it is not sticky too!! 

Repurchasing level: 5/5

This huge size tube is a body massaging cream but I use it only for my feet. xD My feet dried up much more serious than my palms. So extraaaaa moisture needed!! 

The cream is not really in cream form. It is somehow in hard-cream-form. Not sure whether you guy can understand or not but I think that's the only word that suit best for the texture. =p 

After the application, the cream turn to watery texture that make your skin feel SO SOFT. The scent of this cream is relaxing too. I had been using it for three days already. The result is really obvious. There are lesser dried-up skin on my feet already!! 

 Repurchasing level: 5/5

Etude House is doing sales now so if you guys wanna get these product for a cheaper price, ACT FAST! Ciaox. 

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