Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas and Birthday Present Wishlist

Good day to all the cutie cupcakes out there. 
It's been awhile. 
Life got too bored for me and there's nothing to blog about. 

But HEY it's DECEMBER already!! 
My month!! ♥
I'm going 20 in just nine more days. 

To be honest, 
Christmas is my favourite time of the year. ♥
Not only it's because my birthday is right after Christmas
but I liking the Christmas' atmosphere 
and SALES too!! xD

I had spotted some stuff that I wish to buy 
(or receive from someone)
from outlets and stores. 
- Sephora (FOR SURE!!)
- Uniqlo

First of all, 
MUJI double-ended marker. (RM45.90)
It could come in handy when I need to pay extra 
attention to certain words or sentences in my notes. 
Well, who dont love colours? LOL

And, stuffs from Sephora, 
my favourite makeup outlet among all. 

Urban Decay Vice Palette. 
The price is at RM199 if I'm not mistaken. 
It's the colours that attracted me!! Haha
Although there are some colours that I wont wear
but who knows when do you need an extra sparkle 
and colour for your eyes right?

The second stuff I want from Sephora is this, 
Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Palette. (RM179.90)
Practical colour that I can wear almost everyday. 
Comes with 2 blushers and 2 bronzer and a highlighter. 
Also, there is a primer and a double-ended brush. 
It is the sweetest package I ad seen so far. LOL
It is too cute in pink. ♥

I had always been a fan of these two brands. 
Urban Decay likes to play with colours
and Too Faced sticks to the earth tones 
where it give you a no-makeup illusion. 
Just love these Christmas packages so much ♥

Boa Sweater from Uniqlo. (RM129.90)
The hot pink look cute on me HAHA
Well, I'm not a pink-person but this colour gave me glows
when I try on it. xD
(I know I'm exaggerating. =p)
But this sweater is more than just cute.
The cutting and the details are so "Malaysian-friendly".  
Let me explain a bit about that. 

You guys can see the fur thingy at the hoodie right?
The whole sweater have this fur thingy EXCEPT the sleeves. 
The sleeves are made of cotton 
(like the one in our towel?).
This design will  not make people look "visually-fat ".
(and not too warm too!!) 

Hmm, let's say a knit sweater. 
I always found that knit sweater made my arms
look extremely big and fat. 
Not sure if anyone had the same problem with me or not. 

Well, I guess that' all I want for Christmas 
and my birthday. 
I gotta buckle up and save money quickly 
before all these items run out of stock. 

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