Sunday, 23 December 2012

Back to this baby- DR.G Brightening Balm

Hi all my sweet angels, have you survived the Doomsday yet?
Well, I aint care much about Doomsday
as I have a much more important festival to celebrate.
Another day for my family member to gather!! ♥
How many tang yuen have you all eaten?
I have a lottttttt HAHA just love tang yuen ♥

I'm going further away from my main topic now.
Alright let's move back to the topic.

So today I was at the mall with my mom
to get her new Samsung Galaxy Note Tab.
Loving my new boots ♥♥

When I passed by the beauty shop, 
I was suddenly reminded that I have almost used up my BB cream.
Maybelline Mineral BB crream!!
My favourite of all time!!
Why must you discontinue it in Malaysia?!!!

Since it is discontinued, 
I will have to pick up another brand 
for my daily makeup routine. 
I came back to this. 

DR.G Brightening Balm. (RM69)
It is Dermatologically tested and used. 
Great for the skin. 
I had used it before and I'm loving it ♥  
Just that they have reduced the size from 60ml to 45 ml.

The texture is rather thick compare to Maybelline one
but it can cover my dark circles and dark spots better.
I think it will be easier to see the comparisons in a table.
Easier right? HAHA

Overall this is a really good BB Cream for those 
who wish to do their makeup yet 
worry about their skin condition after applying makeup product. 
Some makeup product will clog pores and make one have breakouts.
I feel really annoyed when I had breakouts because of some 
makeup products!! 
I guess you girls are the same right?
It is not easy for us to take care of our skin. 

Please do love our skin more ♥
You will not regret when you become older. =D

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