Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Happy Anniversary ♥

It's been one year. 
I still love you
but I hated you for ditching me for DOTA 2. 

I knew you are a gamer but I just wish that maybe 
today would meant something to you. 
You said it does. Well. 

I was wondering why the first couple of month
we were doing just fine. 
Without argues, without dissatisfaction. 
Our first photo. ♥

And as days passed, we had more photos. 
The first time I followed you back to your hometown. 

Crazy camwhore at the dessert shop
nearby your/our house. 

Camwhoring when you are at your shift. 

Outing after I got my hair straightened. 
I look like a doll!! xD

Your birthday. 

My birthday. 

Valentine's Day. ♥

Our first sunny trip. 

Yeah, it's definitely a long way to go.
This guy, I kinda hate him but I love him more. 
I dont know who is the right one
but when I'm with one, I will know. 
And so happen that this guy is the one. ♥

Hubby, I love you. 
Happy Anniversary.♥

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