Saturday, 1 September 2012

Me and dipdye

My fault. 
This post was suppose to be posted longgggg time ago.
I was lazy. 
*No gonna find excuses*

So yeah, I got a mono dipdye, 
which is a base and a strike colour. 
Copper + red

It turns out to be like this. 
I cant say that I would be more satisfied cause I am!!

For the record, 
I was the first one who actually did a dipdye. 
Do you have any idea how exciting it is?
It is like you led a trend!! 
(Although it is not.)
Truly in love with the hair. ♥

Remember how my hair doesnt like red?
The colour fade after two weeks. 
and it turn to this. 
Pure copper red. It blended together. LOL
It is kinda funny to see two different
to blend together as one. 

Not bad actually. I kinda like this colour.
I am considering to either dying to this colour
or going back to black. 


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