Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Choco Fondue ♥

Two post a day. 
Not bad. 
Getting active in blogging again.

So I made myself a cook this semester break. 
This is not the first thing I have ever cook. 
There were a few but I didint bother to take photo
cause they are way too ordinary. 

Speaking of Chocolate Fondue.
It's is weird how I knew all along how to make this
but I never actually do it. 
LOL Lazy bug huh?

Yeah, maybe it's because today is the anniversary
and I didnt get to celebrate with my dear, 
so I just gotta do something to distract myself.

Here it is. My very first try on making Chocolate Fondue. 
There were Mash mellows, apple cubes and banana slices. 

Posted in instagram and facebook, 
getting a lot of likes makes me somehow
satisfied with my work. ♥ 

Good night peeps, 
have a chocolate-sweet dream. ♥ 

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