Friday, 6 July 2012

I'm dying my hair...

Look at my ugly roots. /口\
I'm dying my hair soon. 
Not sure how soon but SOON. 

This time, my choice of color is no longer red. 
I need a combination of brown and orange. 
So, I choose these two. 
The one on the left is brown with a touch of orange. 
The one on the right is a dip dye hair
which I always wanted to do. 

Well of course I prefer the dip dye hair more
but my parents are SUPERRRR traditional
so they couldnt accept me in fancy hair color. 
So this choice of mine is more low-profile
than the one that Taeyeon or Michelle Phan did. 
You wont realize it is a dip dye if you didnt look carefully. 
Look!! So cute isn't it? ♥ 

By the way, for those people's hair which can color easily,
(which mine is not. OBVIOUSLY)
you can try out the new shade of Liese's Bubble Hair Color. 
The shade is named Jewel Pink. 
I dont know why this is so hard to find here. 
Maybe it's because it is too popular that everyone bought it
or it's just maybe it is new in market. 
I love the shade when first saw it but sadly, 
I didnt buy it because my hair just dont go easy with
home-dye hair color. 
My hair likes salon more. =__=

Awww ♥ 
Looking at all these picture I post just makes
me wanna go and dye my hair even more. 
GOSH Cant wait to see how I'm gonna look
after dying my hair. 

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