Sunday, 29 July 2012

"Change" Photoshooting

What is a "CHANGE" photoshooting? 
Change means throwing away the old style and 
make afford adapt to the new style. 
So, this is one of my photography assignments. 

FYI, I asked my bestie to be my model. 
In her photoshooting before, 
her styles are more gothic. 
So this time, 
I want her to become the sunshine girl!!

So this photoshooting was done in KLCC
and yeah, the weather was bitching with us. 

Okay, stop with the description and stuff. 
Let's get into the main thing.

These are a few photos that I like. 
(Landscape mode)

(Portrait mode)

I have a preference to put the object at the corner of the photo. 
You can see that in the landscape photos. 

As in the first portrait mode photo, 
Jill was out of focus but I liked the feel of the photo. 
She did not look into the camera and smiled very naturally. 
I like that smile!! ♥

It can be said as a successful one. 
I got what I need and she fully shown the other side of her.

Yeah, wondering which I choose for my assignment?
The exposure make this photo stand out from the 
appropriate exposure photos. 
It makes her look fair, and the background was reflecting. 
I just like this feel. 

Lastly, thanks Jill for making this working for me. 

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