Sunday, 4 March 2012

One of my favourite ♥

Do you know who is this?

I bet many of you guessed our
because of the "Sea gangster" photo right?

He is Johnny Depp...
One of my favourite actor ♥

Although I havent watch all of his movie
but the movie which got him inside, 
is definitely a worth-to-watch guarantee for me...

Look how he perform so many characters
in different movie!! 
And yet he get to act like he is a total different person!! 
OMG he is just so talented ♥♥

I wonder if I get to see him face-to-face, 
would I be able to look him in the eyes...
Haha... I just I would be so shy until my face is all red...

Oh Johnny Depp, you steal my heart away

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