Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Update of my life

 Hey peeps, 
I know I havent been blogging for like ages
but here I am, 
back to blogging again...

Okay guys, I'm so sorry 
for abandoning my blog.../__\
Life has been boring these few week
and I'm trying to adjust into the new semester...
So, this semester I have only two subject, 
which is Electronic Publishing and Psychology...
Yeah, I looked forward to psychology class
because I'm so interested in psychology
but somehow, this lecturer disappoint me...
 For my Psychology, 
 I have to study what I studied in biology before...
For example, structure of eyeballs and ears...
WTH I thought we could have something like case study!! 
The photo up there, is part of my note...
 So, as for my Electronic Publishing, 
we have to deal with the Adobe InDesign
which made me feel like killing myself...
GOSH!! Why is it so hard to use?!!
The other thing is, we have to do calculation in this subject...
Although it is not some extremely hard calculation
but I really dont like calculations!!
One of the reason I chose PR course is because
I thought there would be no calculation!!
WTF you must be kidding me...
Oh yeah, what we calculate, 
is the time we need to transfer file in
dont-know-how-many MB/GB 
with the speed of  dont-know-how-many Hz...
It's like the boss is gonna hire me because I know 
how long it takes to transfer a file or what?
OMG, dont know why, 
I slowly feel that I had gone into the wrong course...
Just wait and see how is my final's gonna be...

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