Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Puri Puri ♥

So I went out with Jill today ♥
It's been a long time (or not)
since we last seen each other...
Something had happened to her 
and I'm glad that she would share with me 
instead of keeping it inside like last time...
She drove all the way from her house (Salak South)
to my place (Setapak) to hang out with me...
We were just hanging around Setapak area...
It's been so many years since we last took Purikura!!
(which also known as photo booth)
We were so excited  to know that Wangsa Maju AEON
have got such machine!! 

So here is ours photo sticker ♥
Looking at these photos make me miss my 
secondary school life even more!!
Miss those time when she sat just besides me 
and I got to see her everyday...♥

Bean bean ah, let go of the bastard...
You definitely deserve a better one!! ♥

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