Thursday, 29 December 2011

Happy birthday to myself!! ♥

Yesh I'm finally 19!! 
Took this before I go out with Tony ♥♥
*Just gotta look extra fresh on my BIG DAY*

He brought me to Jogoya to celebrate my birthday!! 
Well, I didn't take any photos with the food
because don't know why, 
I don't have the mood...

So, after our EXTRA full brunch, 
we went for shopping at Fahrenheit 88...
As usual, I went to Mirrorcle first
as it is my favourite boutique...♥♥
But lately, I'm disappointed with it 
'cause almost every time I can't find 
a single piece of clothes that I'm satisfied with...

By the way, present you my 
"Look of the day" photo...=)
Simple and easy....♥

Well, today is my birthday, 
so I decided to spoil myself a little bit
although I had not much money left in my pocket...
I bought some nail polishes...=p
Base and top coat from Skin Food 
two nail polishes from Natural Republic

After that, we went for a movie...
This a like a disaster movie(?)...
Well, eventually the main characters get to stay alive 
while the other people die like dust (of course)...
It's a great movie I'd say...

what would you do 
if an unseen alien intruder come to earth
and determined to bring your planet down??
Yeah, this is the fight-back kind of movie...
Highly recommended for it's excited story line...

After the movie, we walk around Pavillion
and bought some groceries from Daiso...
Daiso is always my favourite place to shop!! ♥

So when we walk to Saphora
which located just opposite Pavillion,
Tony decided to buy me a birthday gift...
*Awww...soooooo sweet of him*
Guess what?
He bought me an eye-shadow palette!! 
Romantic Eyes eye-shadow palette 
from Too Faced ♥♥
BIG BIG BIG heart for Tony

I guess it's a wrap here...
I really do enjoyed my birthday like 
every single year before...
I'm blessed with this sweet family 
and this sweet guy I met...
Thank god!!♥♥

Happy birthday 

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