Friday, 30 December 2011

Too Faced "Romantic Eyes"

I have no idea why am I writing a post 
for this eye-shadow palette...

I got this palette as my birthday gift
from my boyfie...
Purchased at Sephora at Bukit Bintang...

The reason why I choose this was 
because the texture is really smooth
and it is more pigmented
compared to the Toki Doki eye-shadow
that I liked but didnt buy...
This is the one that I'm talking about...

So, let's have nearer view of the colours...
Dont ask me which colour I like the most 
'cause I like all the colours!! ♥♥
But i guess it's the colour that named 
"kiss the bride" 
that draw me to buy this palette...
Besides of being an eye-shadow, 
I might use this colour as my blusher!! =D

The Bouquet Toss colour, 
I would use it as highlighter 
for my nose bridge 
beside as an eye-shadow...

So this palette is kinda multi-functional to me...

Wonder how it would look like 
on real skin??
Here is the photo...^__^
From bottom:
- Soulmates
- Kiss The Bride
- Bouquet Toss
- I Do
- Cut The Cake
- Honeymoon
- Un-veil
- First Dance
- Ever After

The names all sounded like a wedding huh??
I know it right...
They are just so cute...
I guess I would use this everyday!! 
*I usually dont apply eye-shadow*
I fell in love...

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