Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sem 1 Result Out!! O_O

After waiting for so long,
it was finally OUT!!

Got a few texts in my phone when I woke up
this afternoon asking how's my result,
I was so nervous when I was waiting the webpage to load
and yet, the page was so lag!! 〉__〈
Can you imagine what was my feeling at that moment?!

Because I was rushing out so I couldn't wait
for the super slow page to load,
so I asked Kaylie to check for me...
After knowing my result,
I felt relief because I passed all my subject!!
And I dont need to resit any papers!! ♥

Here is my result...
Well, although it is a all-pass,
but I still wish that there is no "C" in my result...
And I wanted my CGPA is 3.0...
I almost hit there!! 〉__〈

I guess I would just have to work hard
for this new semester
which is a lot harder from what I heard...

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