Monday, 25 July 2011

KEIS again...♥

TT night is over
but we are still doing some
event performance...

So here is KEIS again!!
(Although there is one person missing)
We performed at a
Hotel Management Charity Event...
They are so generous that they gave
TT humans an hour which is the busiest one
of all the time slot to do our performance...
Hope we didn't let them down...

Rubbish aside,
I really did enjoy at the stage...
I know this ain't our best show
and I know we can do it better next time...
we need to practise more!!
I know you might thought this is just
an event performance...
But since people have high expectations
from us,
shouldn't we do better in return??

you both still are my favourite babes ♥

Here comes the video...

Thank you Yu Kee for helping me
to record the show...
But next time can you move further away from the speaker??
Well, anyway,

Gonna end my post here...
This week is gonna be a week
full with songs and dance...

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