Monday, 4 April 2011

Dolly wink Liquid Liner

I've always wanted a nice liquid liner
that is smudge-proof and waterproof ...
It is so sad that I couldn't find one!!

I've tried Maybelline
Hyper Diamond Liquid Liner
but that totally don't work out on me!!
I don't even think that it is waterproof...
By the way,
I picked up the silver and the black one...
I used the black one as an eyeliner
and used the silver for my lower lash line...

So, I was almost giving up on searching
for the perfect liquid liner...

But then I thought,
I haven't try out for the Dolly Wink liquid liner!!
The models in 《Popteen》highly recommended it....
So, I bought it and decided to give it a shot...
Dolly Wink is a cooperate product of
Tsubasa Masuwaka and Koji...
Do you know what is the slogan for this series of product??
" Every girl can become a doll "
Aren't you tempted when you see this slogan??
I know I am...=p

Now, back to the liquid liner...
It is soooooo GREAT!!
It don't smudge when I wear it for all day long...
I won't become panda because of the smudge anymore!!
How excited that sound huh?? LOL

The brush is really soft and
it can create a fine thin line...
It really helps if you are a natural looking goer like me...
it wings out really well...
FYI, sometimes I like to wing out my eyeliner
but I keep cleaning it off
because the end of the wing just don't look nice...
And I ended up staying angry with myself...

The best thing is,
although it is smudge-proof and waterproof,
it comes off easily when the makeup remover pad is on!!
How convenient is that...

I definitely recommend this liquid liner
for those who can't find their
" perfect liquid liner "
Let's give it a try, girls...♥

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