Tuesday, 8 February 2011

C.U.T.E !! ♥

You know what??
Today Google's home page is soooo cute!!
I've never seen anything like this before...

It is an animation...
The cross at the right side is actually a
direction control for the view in the "window"..
When you move it towards different direction,
you will see different view....
The most interesting part is,
when you move it up or down ,
you can see the view from land to under sea...
So cute~~ Awww... ♥

can anyone tell mii what is this thing about??
I know Google wont advertise something meaningless...
So... If you have an answer,
please dont be hesitate to tell mii!! =D

So... As I said before,
my CNY is freaking boring...
Yeah!! I still agree with that...
It's ok that my CNY is boring...
As long as my life isn't then it would be awesome...=p
Adios!! ♥

1 comment:

  1. adui..just click on the submarine then u will know de le..