Monday, 20 December 2010

Sushiiiiiii ❤

It's bro's 16th birthday today!!
Well first I gotta wish him
to have a happy birthday....
Hmm....Be good boy k??

my mom decided to bring us to
Sakae Sushi to celebrate bro's birthday...
our family members likes sushi a lot...

Ordered kinda lot of food...
Tried something that we never tried before...
Let the photo tell the stories...=)

Looks delicious isn't it??
But unfortunately
I forgot to take the first few dishes we ordered...
I was too hungry...=p
I only manage to take these dishes
which was served after...

Christmas is almost here...
Although Malaysia do not snow
but we celebrate it too!!
You can see from the special-made-dish from
Sakae Sushi...=D
It is soooooo cute!!
Actually they have another dish
which decorated like a present...
But I can't get my hands on that...

Crazy idea of my bro...
I DO NOT know what it is....
*It's a penis...shhhhh...xDD*

By the way,
I just found out that
IOI mall have a newly open restaurant
called "Little Pantry"...
It's in white and pink!!
Got the Full-house-cafe-feel...
I wanna go and try out someday!! =D
*bling bling*
And and and and.
I wanna take a lot of photo!!
Got kinda crazy these days...LOL~

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