Saturday, 18 December 2010

Photo shooting day!! ♥

Went for a photo shooting session
with dear today...
It was actually an interview from
a magazine...
But since the editor asked mii to
write my own script
so what we have to do for today was only
taking photo...

Posed a lot...
Dear was pretty shy by then....
I felt really blessed to have him in my life....
I know that he don't really want to have this interview
cuz he's really not used to all these things...
But he knows that I wanted it,
so he would bear it for mii...
How lucky am I to have a bf like him??!

When I was asked to pose with dear,
a lot of memories between mii and him
appear in my head...
I smiled from the bottom of my heart...
At that moment,
I actually had a feeling like
we were taking our wedding photo...

I'm waiting for the photo to be sent to mii
and the interview to be on the magazine!!
I feel like seeing all of it immediately!!!
Everyone who reads my blog,
please give fully support to mii n my dear
by buying 《@dd 》magazine...
It will be the coming February issue!!
Thanks for all your support first!!

Promise that I will post the photos here
as soon as I get it... =D

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