Friday, 31 December 2010

Last day of 2010

As yesterday Malaysia won in soccer,
so today is a public holiday...
My mom decided to bring mii and my bro
to Sunway Pyramid...

We bagged for a new purse for a long time already...
So today we will go for a

But first,
We went to Full House for our brunch...
The service there is damn bad!!
The waiter there is like putting up a long face
when we wanna order food
like we are troubling them...
I swear that I will never ever go into that place already!!

Then we went to a lot of shop for our new purse...
We walked through the whole Asian Avanue
but still, we couldn't find a satisfy one...
When I thought of giving up,
my bro suggest that we have a final look
at Tropicana Life...

I found my "love-at-first-sight purse"!! ♥
I fell in love with it immediately...
Well, my mom agreed to buy it for mii too!!
Awww...Thanks mom!! Love you so much!! ♥

It's cute right?? =D
Like the neon colour...♥

After that, we went to Pasta De Gohan...
A Japanese tea shop...
The dessert there is really nice!!
I like it very much... =D

1) I dont know what that is...My bro ordered it...It is kinda nice though...=)
2) The Japanese cracker with red bean paste ♥
3) Sesame ice-cream...Love it!!
4) My bro's hot chocolate...Kinda cute with the special big cup...

After that,
we went
Today I'm BIG BIG BIG satisfied
cuz of my new purse!! ♥

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