Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Eve !! =D

It's Christmas Eve!!
Although I don't celebrate Christmas
but my mom bought lots of food today...
So we decided to make it a
small Christmas-eve-family-gathering...

and Potato Chips!!!

I dont even remember when was the last time
I had potato chips!!
I'm so glad that my mom bought mii
my favourite Potato Chips...
* muahh *

I just LOVE it....
Couldn't resisit!!
It have lower calories than the other Potato Chip
which were made in Malaysia...
It's soooo POPULAR in America!!
(It's an America product)
You guys should really try it out!!
( ^__^ )
You can get it from any Jusco or Giant supermarket...
It cost you about RM 10 only!!
Cheap right?? LOL~
( It's a BIG pack though)

Let's welcome the latest spoke person
for Cheezels!! xDD
Just kidding...
Cheezel is another favourite snack
of my family members...
Can you feel the desire of my cousin to eat it immediately??

That's a wrap for today!!
Tomorrow I'm gonna go to my dear's house
to celebrate Christmas and
to celebrate my birthday earlier
as that day he have to work...
Gonna love it!!

( ^__^ )


  1. so much!!!!fat lo...aiya mee tooo

  2. Nevermind lahh...once a while...haha~