Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I'm totally addicted to blogging AGAIN....
Feel like typing out all of my weird weird thoughts...
Told ya,
I'm a weirdo~~xDD

After coming back from the IACT workshop,
makes mii feel like the free time that I'm having now,
is just a waste of time...
I wanted to study something!!
I had rest enough!!!
I'm rotting now~~~~~~

I can't stop thinking about all the stuff
that happen on that three days....
The quiet class ,
the funny "sell ourself" talk,
the broadcasting part on the first day....
The computer-ing stuff,
the SinChew field trip,
and the strain ankle incident of Louis on the second day...
The valentine mass comm talk ,
and the grooming session on the third day....
These I can't forget and I keep remembering them...
And of course,
the sppppiiicccyyy fried rice on the both lunch....xDD

I feel like I'm back to school life on that 3days...
But now,
I feel like I'm totally left out....xp
Hmm.... Can this consider as addicted??

Sunday Sunday Sunday~
I'm coming~~~^^
Carmen I miss you so muchhhh~xDDDD
And my new friends from IACT Ad-workshop,
I miss you all too~~
Missy missy missy missy~~~xD

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  1. warhhh~ really miss me so much meh? wakaka~ same here la..hectic college life,looking forward to sunday la..cant wait. ;) oooh,and i found out who's the cute guy dy~~ =P chat with u on sunday la..hehe~ ^^ see ya!