Sunday, 30 September 2012

It was indeed splendid!!

Hey ya all, Happy Mooncake Festival ♥

So, today I went to watch a musical with 
my family at KL Performing Arts Center. 
Yea, I know what you think. 
You thought it is a boring, draggy, plain musical right?
I can tell you that,
this musical have absolutely nothing to do with 
either boring or draggy or plain. 

This musical is about the one and only empress in China history,
The Empress Wu (duh?).
Staring by Miss Tan Soo Suan as the Empress Wu
and Mr Alex Koh as her husband. 
The acting was really good that for one second, 
I thought I am in Dynasty Tang watching her. 
The cry, the love, the cheesiness all are so true. 
All I can say is, 

You know, for someone like my age, 
usually wont enjoy watching musical like this
but this musical open another window for me
to see more about musical. 

People, if you are interested in this musical,
please do grab your ticket fast!!
The show is available from 27 Sept 2012 - 21 Oct 2012. 
You can get your ticket on
or call 03-4047 9000.
For more information, please visit

*I do not get paid for advertising this. 
it is a sincere share.*

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