Friday, 20 January 2012

Journey 2 : The Mysterious Island

So after almost one week that we didnt stick together, 
finally we met each other...
*FYI we see each other every day before semester break*

my look of the day..
Singlet + Knit Vest + Jeans + Sandals
Simple ♥

Today we went to Midvalley for 
Journey 2 : The Mysterious Island
 Honestly, I dont think everybody would like this 
because this is totally out of logic...
I like the mini elephant though...♥
So cute isnt it? Awwww ♥♥

Before the movie, we went shopping for his new bag...
Went for round and round
but still he couldnt find a satisfy one...
No choice, our stomach are playing drums...LOL
So we went to The Garden for our brunch...
Yeah, since the environment is so nice, 
I declare that IT IS CAMWHORE TIME!!
I got myself two pairs of glasses 
and I'm wearing one of it in the fourth photo...
Us ♥♥

We've never been to this place before 
so we just simply order according to our own preference...
Wild Mushroom Soup
as our starter...
Grilled Salmon for me ♥
It tasted soooo nice~ ^__^
Grilled Rib-Eye for him 
He says that it was not nice...=x
Left : Iced Lemon Tea
Right : Watermelon Blast

After that, we pass by Baskin Robin's 
and decided to buy ourselves ice-creams...
Left : Raspberry Cheesecake (or something like that)
Right : Vanila with cream topping

I guess I'm gaining weight AGAIN!! =(
I lost 1kg so hard and now I have to gain it back...
# Fail

After that we went to look for his new bag again...
Finally, he got what he want right before we go back...
Usually we would go back together
but today, 
I gotta go back to my own house 
and he gotta go back to his...

I guess the next time I see him 
will be on 5th February...
*17 days more to go*

how could I ever live without him...
I love you so much ♥

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