Sunday, 15 January 2012

Belated Birthday Gift ♥

My birthday had pass for like 
half a month...
I really didnt expect to get any gift anymore...

But somehow, 
I got two belated birthday gift 
from my besties and my classmate...

For my besties, 
they got me what I wanted long ago 
but I didnt tell them...
They just know my taste!! LOL
A stitch PILLOW!! ♥♥
I saw this a long time ago 
but I didnt buy it...
NEVER thought that someone would
buy me THIS!! ♥♥♥♥
I love you all soooo muchie!! 

As for my classmates, 
they knew my love to Stitch, 
so they got me a water bottle
with Stitch print from Watsons...
I left it in my hostel room 
and I couldnt find any photo of it
from the internet, 
so I'm sorry for not showing it...

OMG...You guys are so good to me!! 
Love you guys sooo muchie!! 
Muahhh (^з^)-☆

 And it's camwhore time!! 
I guess that's all for this post..
I just want to thank my besties and classmate 
for the gift...
I know you all are not compulsory to give me that
but still you all did!!
I really do appreciate it!! 

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