Saturday, 12 November 2011

Crazy Bitch

Hey peeps,
long time no see!!
Yeah da yeah da,
I'm a crazy bitch and I know it!! xDD

Yesterday Tony's sister came to KL
from Kota Bharu,
so he decided to bring her to Times Square
for a shopping spree...
Of course, I tagged along...=p

First we went to meet her at Time Square
as she was already there before we even reached...
Then we went to Low Yat Plaza to look for
Tony's keyboard bag...
After that we had our dinner at Bar.B.Q Plaza at Sungai Wang...
Well, I know,
it a long story...xD

When we go back to Times Square,
Tony left me with his sister for the shopping session
while he went to god-knows-where...
The funniest thing is,
his sister should be the one
who is spending money and have fun in shopping
but instead, I became the one
who was enjoying the shopping...

Wanna know what I bought??
Let me show you...
Dolly Wink Cream Eyeshadow in No.2 (Monotone)
Baby Phat shoes in Red
Baby Phat shoes in white
and a stitch's T-shirt~ ♥

Didnt count how much I spent
but I'm sure it is quite a lot
compare to how I spend daily...

Plus,I bought books today!!
So I guess this month I will have to
have apples for my meals?? xD

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