Monday, 24 October 2011

The Ship · The Night

Went to "The Ship" with Tony...
It is located in Bukit Bintang...
Just opposite Sungai Wang...
Never knew or went to this place before until today...
Well, thanks Tony for bringing me there...♥

The price of the food and beverages can consider
as affordable...
I ordered Chicken Maryland like usual
while Tony ordered Sirloin Steak for himself...
But before that,
I ordered Mushroom Soap as starter
and the restaurant provided butter and bun
for each of us...
and this is the salad that come along
with Tony's steak...
Let's not forget our drinks and dessert too!!
The food was simply delicious and
the environment was great for couples...♥
That was the first time I ordered food
without really consider about the price...=p
Our bill...=p

It was a wonderful night for me...
I wonder is it the same for him??
Gosh, this guy is just so cute
that I cant stop pampering or loving him...


I shopped like crazy that night!!
Spend about RM300 in bags at Vincci!!

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