Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Paranoma Activity 3

Wanted to watch this since I saw it's trailer...
So today,
I went to Midvalley with Tony and Edward for this movie!! ♥

We plan to watch the 3.30pm show
but it had sold out...
So we bought the ticket for 7.45pm instead...
This is my first time watching
such a late show...=p
I guess I started to become a naughty girl
since I'm came into this college....xD

So, as the show is that late,
we decided to spend our time
in dining and reading...

First, we went to Chili's for our brunch
as Tony and I havent had our breakfast yet...
Three of us were having a nice chat there!!
Jokes and craze all mixed up
with our food...xDD

Country Fried Chicken if I'm not mistaken...
Well, to be honest,
I enjoy the mashed potato the most...xDD
Grilled Rib-eye I guess...
Same as me,
he like the mashed potato most...xDDD
Well, I dont know what is it called
but according to Edward,
it tasted nice...=D

So, after our meal,
we went to MPH bookstore...
I love reading but there is one thing I hate....
Whenever I go into a bookstore,
for sure I will spend money on books
no matter how is my economic conditions...
Well, this time I also bought a few books...
Spend about RM60 on books...
I guess I can say that it is worth it
since I spend in on book instead of something else??

After that we went to Secret Recipe for our
super light dinner...
This is for Tony,
and this is for me and Edward...
After finishing it all,
it time for MOVIEEEEE~~

It isn't as scary as I thought
but it is definitely my type of movie!! ♥
If you watched it and you doesn't get a clue
of what it was talking about,
I guess I would have to ask you to watch
all three of the series again...
I'm sure that you can understand better
after watching the previous one...

One thing I dont understand about this movie is,
what kind of family would curse their younger generation
in order to exchange something which I dont know what
from the demon??
Is the thing you ask from the demon more important
than your family to you??
Do you know that you actually harm you great great great(x??)
children for asking such a thing from demon??

there is just too much of these people in the world
that doesnt consider the consequences
before they do something...
What they care is all about themselves...

Beware before you ask for something...
You might asking it from a demon
that requires you to pay off with a huge cost!!

Do not be greedy!

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