Sunday, 2 October 2011

Muah DSLR!! ♥

As I mention in my last post,
I had finally got my DSLR!!♥♥

Because of the wedding dinner last night,
my dad went to Midvalley to buy a pair of new shoes...
Yeah, and this is the first time my grandma from Ipoh
been to Midvalley!!

We had our lunch at here!!
My grandma was having a light cough,
therefore porridge was the best choice for her...
I didnt really like porridge
so I chose this instead...♥
This is my first time trying this!!
Well, it was delicious but I dont think I would eat it that often
because it ia a bit too oily for me...
But I like this!! =D

Waiting for food is bored~~

My new DSLR baby~~♥
Nikon D5100...
Not a high end single lens reflex
but as long as it can take nice photo,
then I'm satisfied!! =D

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