Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Memories of Shots

So, today I went to Jill's house
with Tan Leng
for a super simple photo-shooting session...

Really didn't think much...
We were just having fun there...

Give you all some
behind-the-scene photo first...
The edited one will have to wait for
Tan Leng to process...=D

Cropped this photo cuz Jill's pose
is really funny~ LOL
You will see that in my facebook...

I like this photo a lot!! ♥
Although it is a bit blur
but my smile is SUPER bright!!

I dont know why I keep doing
this expression lately...
If you notice,
most of my photos will have this expression...

This is so not suppose to be here...
Jill and I was taking self-portrait
with the help of a mirror...xDD

I know I have a big mouth in this photo...
But this is my favourite among all...♥
This can really show that we are
having loads of fun!! ♥♥

Some thing extra for you all...=p
The process of me rolling down the slide...
Taken by our cutie photographer,

Well, that's a wrap for today I guess...
Imma addicted to photo shooting already~♥
Wait till I get my DSLR!! xDD
I will snap snap snap and snap!!

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