Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Lovely ♥

Today is a lovely day
for me... ♥

First I woke up at 10am
in my friend's room...
I slept in her room last night...
It felt better than sleeping alone...
I'm scared to stay alone in hostel room...
My class was at 12 noon
but I woke up so early that
I had loads of time to prepared myself

After the one and only tutorial class
of the day,
I went to Genting Kelang with a few of my classmate
for lunch...
First we went eating PanMee and then
we went for dessert at Ah-Ma Snowflake...
I ordered my regular
-- TouHua with peanuts and red beans

It was so nice that it made my day!!

We went back to school at about 3.30pm...
Claire said that she had a meeting to attend...
So I stayed in canteen with some TT humans...
After some chatting,
I saw Jake, my gor,
was buying coloured contact lenses at a stall
along with SheeYun and TeTe...
Jake bought me a pair of contact lenses
which is green in colour~ ♥
♥ Pop.C Light Green ♥
Gonna try this out soon!!
The seller gave us free lens case too!!
BIG BIG BIG thanks to my lovely gor~ ♥

After buying the lens,
I run into Suet Reen...
We had our late lunch there
and had a small chat..
Updated almost everything about our life
to each other...
Babe, I miss you so much~ ♥

My day end with 2 lovely cheese burger...
I just can't stop loving cheese...

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