Saturday, 30 April 2011

Purple Gradient

This is what I did a while ago
but I never did a proper tutorial for this..
So here it is!!

This gradient nails make short nails
appear more attractive ...
Since I had a few broken nails,
so I decide to cut it all short...
But then I regretted
cuz short nails are really hard to do nail art...
Then "Gradient nails" come across my mind!!
Life Saver~♥

Now, we start of with applying base coat
to protect our nails...
Then apply a THIN layer of purple polish
on your nails...
You would need a REALLY THIN one...
So that you can build up the colour later...

After that,
apply another layer start from half of your nails...
Like so
Can you see how the colour built??
Sorry for the bad lighting... =(

apply the third layer on the tip of your nails...
See how the colour goes??

Let dry completely before
you apply the last layer of nail polish
which is a silver glitter ...
apply top coat and
you're done!

Hope you guys enjoy this...
See you next time...

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