Tuesday, 15 March 2011

My new lappy!!! ♥

Yup yup yup!!
I got my new lappy already!!

It was like

I was expecting this since end of Jan
and it is finally in my arms now!!
(Just a metaphor...xDD)

It is a gift from my parent
for the starting of my college life ...
I know, it is a little bit to early to give that
but after this month,
I wouldn't be seeing my dad anytime soon
before May which is when my college will start class,
so the present just gotta be given to me now....
(He wants to be there when we purchase lappy...)

It is in RED!! ♥
So stylish isn't it??
Well, I just gotta say
Imma falling for red!!

I start to twit and tumblr now...
So when you free you can go and
follow me!!
Other than that,
I sina too!! =D

Obsess with micro-blogging now...

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