Tuesday, 19 October 2010

This moment....

It's been a long time since I last update my blog...
Days had been really busy and
my time was mostly stuffed by the projects....

I'm having the final exam this n next week...
4 papers are down until today....
there are 8 more papers to go...
Can I handle it??
NO!! =p
But I will try my best to do the question...
So that I wont feel sorry to myself....

I would really like to know what actually
had happen to my body....
Since I ended my Nasional Service Programme,
I'm more easy to fall sick...
Headache, migraine and bla-bla-bla...
They all became my close friend already...
The real close one...(>.<)
Should I take it seriously and go for a body check-up??

Hmm...Since when I became transparent to you all??
I remember how you all liked mii last time when I was around...
I think I figured out!!
Is it at the moment I leave the school and
you all stop treating mii like I'm not one of you??
I really do miss all the time I spend with you all....
The music from the radio or the music player
can always remind mii the happiness we had...
Am I the only one who haven't move on??
I just wish thing will become like how it used to be....


Not gonna lie
but I really do cry over this song
for like a thousand times....
I really miss you guys...

And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives
Where we're gonna be when we turn 25
I keep thinking times will never change
Keep on thinking things will always be the same
But when we leave this year we won't be coming back
No more hanging out cause we're on a different track
And if you got something that you need to say
You better say it right now cause you don't have another day
Cause we're moving on and we can't slow down
These memories are playing like a film without sound
And I keep thinking of that night in June
I didn't know much of love
But it came too soon
And there was me and you
And then we got real blue
Stay at home talking on the telephone
And we would get so excitedand we'd get so scared
Laughing at ourselves thinking life's not fair
And this is how it feels

As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
From whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever

So if we get the big jobs
And we make the big money
When we look back now
Will our jokes still be funny?
Will we still remember everything we learned in school?
Still be trying to break every single rule
Will little brainy Bobby be the stockbroker man?
Can Heather find a job that won't interfere with her tan?
I keep, keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's a time to fly
And this is how it feels

[Repeat 1]

La, la, la, la:
Yeah, yeah, yeah
La, la, la, la:
We will still be friends forever

Will we think about tomorrow like we think about now?
Can we survive it out there?
Can we make it somehow?
I guess I thought that this would never end
And suddenly it's like we're women and men
Will the past be a shadow that will follow us 'round?
Will these memories fade when I leave this town
I keep, keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's a time to fly

[Repeat 1 (3x)]

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