Monday, 3 August 2009

Don't go away~

Looking through your eyes
There's nothing to hide
And you're no longer mine

How could I survive
When you say goodbye
Why do birds still fly up high

Can't stop the tears from falling
We used to be so fine
When you walked into my life

I tried to reach out for you
Just to be with you
My heart is breaking

Don't~don't go away
Baby don't you know I miss you so
Don't~don't go away
I've never been on my own before
So won't you feel my heartbeat once more

It's a song which sang by By2...
Kinda love the lyric and their voice is so match with the music...
Not bad la...

Today is quite a normal day....
Most of the teacher not in class....
So our class ppl keep chatting to each other...
When the school almost end,
li ying said something which make a group of us have a tight laugh~
Stomach pain luuu~XD
That's all for today...
2mrw we having a talk abt "Teknik menjawab SPM",
till 12.30 I think...
Dunno I should be happy or what....

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