Monday, 28 January 2013

Brands Outlet + DAISO Haul

Hi sweet hearts, It's been such a long time. 
Forgive me please. T____T

It that time of the year when our parents request us to dress in RED!!
Yeah, Chinese New Year is around the corner!! 
My family is kinda traditional and they believe RED = lucky(?)
So, I'd have to buy some red clothes or whatsoever for this coming CNY.

Brands Outlet Store is always my choice for budget shopping. 
I mean, their deal was like extremely great 
and the clothes there is always up-to-date.
(BTW, my favourite of all is their T-shirt collection!) 

I just bought a few stuff there because I want to buy clothes from other shops too!!
xD What to do? Imma shopaholic!! 

Bought two A-line skirt for RM70. 
A red chiffon shirt with spikes along the pocket line
a black leather skirt for the second of CNY.
I thought they looked kinda cool. 
Don't you think so?
It's totally my style!!

I'm not really a skirt-girl but I would like to have a new look for this new year, 
so I try out these skirt. 
Hope they won't turn out ugly on me. /___\

I also bought some accessories from the store.
As I'm going back for dark-colored hair, 
my hair might seem a little bit boring just by itself.
So this accessories might just spice thing up a little bit. 
Loving the red-studded headband!! 
I looked for this for like so long and finally I found what exactly match my need!!
Sooooo happy =D
And those ribbons, I would use them when I tie up my hair.
Just to add a little bit of cuteness. *shyyy*

When I'm shopping for groceries, 
DAISO is always my first choice. 
It is a mini market and the most important thing is, 
everything is just for RM5!!! 

As my semester break is heading to its end, 
it's time for me to prepare my stationery.
I always spot for cute note book to write down my notes 
and pocket files to store up my notes. 
I'm going for sweet colours this semester. 
The previous semester I kept having hot-pink-related stationery,
so this semester I would like to keep it down a bit. 

People who know me well will know how much I long for striking-colour highlight 
but afraid of the after-effect of bleaching. 
Well, DAISO helped me to achieve my dream without hurting my purse or my hair too much!!
My eyes gone BLINK when I saw these. 
It's just RM5 per box and I can try out so many different colours on my hair. 
OMG I was so excited and I still am!!
I'm so gonna do this during CNY!! HAHAHAHA

It's a wrap for this post I guess. 
I'm still waiting for the second round to shop for 
CNY clothes. xD


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