Friday, 13 April 2012

The pass

Been through the emotion all over again.
Although I'm over it long time ago
but I can still recall the heartache
you had put me through.

I was so naive to think that you could be the one.
Now i know, I was the one who took this too serious
which give you the right to hurt me over and over again.

What for you contact me again after we had been lost contact for almost two years?
I dont wanna receive any news from you!
I dont even wanna know if you are dead or alive!
What happen to you is completely non of my business!
I dont care and I'm so not gonna let you ruin my perfect life now.

Remember, if you love me, i'll love you more
but at the same time, you made me hate you, you wont be able to live peacefully.
Now, get out from my life and physicslly, my sight.

- END of emo-ing -

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