Sunday, 11 March 2012

I dont remember

Since when
I feel like I cant discuss everything with you?
I dont really remember.

All I remember was 
whenever I try to discuss something with you, 
all I got back was teasing.
My thoughts might not be mature enough
but I definitely dont need teasing 
for my naivety.

How could I spend my life with you 
when I'm hiding my thoughts?

Dont you remember that my naivety was
the reason you fall for me in the first place?
But now you started to feel like I'm immature
and you are tired of hearing my naive thoughts?

Do you know that
each and every time, 
when I know that you arent there to support me, 
I feel sucks.
It's like even if my thoughts came true, 
there is still a piece missing in there.

No, I dont want to live without you
but if all the teasing and ignorance continues, 
I dont know how can I ever get through them.

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