Monday, 19 March 2012

Happy Birthday Mom ♥

Mom's birthday present
is what she like since she was young.
  Have been looking for this since long time ago.
Finally, I found this at Berjaya Times Square.

Okay, rubbish aside.
I designed a birthday card for my mom
using what I learn in the last semester.
So I guess learning Adobe InDesign isnt really a bad thing.

So here's the detail of the card.
I personally like it very much. ♥
So do my mom. =D
We both like vintage stuff.

So you guys are wondering what I bought for my mom?
Sorry, I wouldn't reveal it.
This is for my mom. Only my mom.
I know there is a lot of copycats outside
and I dont want my mom's stuff got copied
so, I would just keep it as a secret. xD

Okay, just a hint.
 It is something about them. =)

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