Sunday, 18 December 2011

It's a Carnival ♥

Hi peeps!! ♥
Today I went to Berjaya Times Square
for the Garena Carnival...

Because I got free ticket
or so-called free-entry-permission
to go into the theme park and PLAY!! 

Yeah, this is the thing...
Of course, 
Garena wasnt my first intention to go to
but it was Tony's...
I went with him ♥

I enjoyed the Carnival because
I got to play with roller coaster and so on
while Tony was enjoying the Garena thing... 

We got goodie bags in the Carnival too!!
What's inside??
A T-shirt!! 

Barring from I dont understand a thing in
HoN or LoL or Black Shot, 
I was really a nice getaway for me!! ♥

I'm still enjoying
my iPhone 

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